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Saturday, March 21, 2020


In the world of crypto it has various functions, namely as a means of payment and a medium of exchange. We can choose tokens based on function / based on our needs, but this makes us sort out which tokens have the functions we need,not complicated if we have to buy several different tokens.
The world of crypto is endless if we discuss it, because every day there must be surprises. But have you ever used tokens as a means of payment and also as staking. this is a HEX token that has multiple functions. HEX tokens are tokens that are extraordinary because these tokens have multi functions.

About HEX Token
HEX Tokens are very good tokens. HEX token based on ERC20 / Ethereum,HEX adds the 4th function: staking. Staker pays stakers instead of miners. This replaces these third parties with a trustless Peer-to-Peer to the system. Instead of sending your HEX to exchange so they could lend it out on your behalf to earn interest for you, you just send it to the same smart-contract that minted all the HEX in the first place, and it credits your interest. If you are given programmable money, the first thing you should program is interest.  
The Certificate of Deposit or simply called CD is one of the most popular banking products in existence. HEX is the first CD on the blockchain. It’s much better than a CD though because a CD will not pay you more if others decide to close their CD. HEX does. If only a single percent of coin holders stake, your ROI per year as a staker exceeds 369%. If ten percent Stake average ROI for stakers is 36.9%. If a 20% stake average ROI for stakers is 18.45%.

Instead of sending you money to foreign mega-corp to buy mining equipment which shows up late, used, or never at all, you can skip the depreciating asset and electricity bills and just stake your coins. The longer you stake, the more bonus shares you get. Around twenty percent bonus shares per extra year of stake commitment, payable on all stake lengths over one period. 
HEX Token is very secure, Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets can both be used with metamask (use Firefox if mobile), for HEX, ETH and more.Someone made a direct ledger nano s HEX interface that doesn't need metamask: Ledger metamask instructions | Trezor metamask instructions.
HEX might be the first coin to ever have two independent security audits. HEX even has a third audit by a mathematician on HEX's economics. and are among the top contract auditors in the world. They need their language simplified for public consumption and some other small things. ChainSecurity's will be released later as it's more complex. Take a look: HEX security audit by | HEX Economics Audit by

HEX is decentralized and peer-to-peer. You are the network! Only you generate your private keys, mint your HEX and rewards. Without you there's just some code that sits inert on a blockchain. You can run the immutable and verifiable HEX code at 0x2b591e99afE9f32eAA6214f7B7629768c40Eeb39 many ways. is one, Etherscan is another.

More info abaout HEX Token.
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