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Saturday, June 27, 2020


This ongoing digital revolution is extending to nearly every sector of the global system with the aim of improving the operations and activities of such systems. Systems like healthcare, gaming, commerce, finance, education and every other global system has been greatly affected by digital advancement. That's a clear indication of all the benefits which this technological advancement brings to the world. The different systems are currently adopting these digital innovations as they would want to be a part of the advancement going on in the world. Take a look at how much the world has developed through its use of the rapidly growing digital space. One of these technologies which has become prevalent sweeping across different sectors is the ​Blockchain​ ​Technology​.

The Blockchain is an advanced technology popularly known as the distributed ledger technology, designed to be immutable, secured, scalable as well as transparent at its core. The design of the Blockchain technology is meant to ensure that whichever system that uses it, is enhanced in their operations guaranteeing its users full security and lucidity of all the activities carried out on the system, creating room for timely upgrades on the system. The Blockchain technology is really sophisticated and due to its benefits, is now considered as the technology of the future that will drive efficiency to all systems.The rate at which it is being adopted in the financial system such as the creation of a reliable and cashless economy, will indeed communicate the level of impact that the Blockchain has had on this system, and luckily for the world, the Blockchain is not limited to just the financial system, as it could be used globally in different systems. For a better nderstanding of the Blockchain and its benefits to a system, let's consider…  

● One of the great benefits of integrating the Blockchain technology into any system is the security level which it extends to the users. The arrangement of blocks on the distributed ledger makes it too complex for hackers or anyone who wishes to manipulate the information recorded on the Blockchain, thereby making it absolutely secure for any kind of transaction. Decentralization being a very vital part of the Blockchain also goes a long way in ensuring security and breeding trust between users and the system where it is adopted, because the activities of such systems won't be controlled by anyone, unlike the centralized systems.   
● Lucidity of operations is another advantage that the Blockchain brings, if incorporated into any system because every detail and record of transactions is not just stored on the Blockchain, but is made available for review by the users whenever they need to. There will be no room for dishonesty in the running of the system and the users will be fully aware of every dealing on the system, making for more accountability and the restoration of trust between the system and its clients.
● It is possible for any system using the Blockchain to seamlessly enhance its performance by upgrading its system with no issue whatsoever. Most systems have to go through the stress of breaking down the system and building it up all over again before an upgrade could be effected, but with the scalability of the Blockchain, improvements can now be done easily at any time.   
● With all the benefits of the Blockchain combined, the diverse systems in the world will get to experience efficiency in all aspects and every transaction can easily be tracked to reduce the rate of theft or fraudulent activities. But, regardless of the outlined benefits of the Blockchain, its global adoption is still far fetched as the global users are a bit skeptical about adopting it into their various systems and a lot of people see its integration as a very complex or tasky activity. This low rate of adoption has made the Blockchain seem trivial and these global users end up missing out on all its advantages. No worries, as the Algorand platform has emerged.   

The Algorand platform is a Blockchain system that has developed one of the most valued Blockchain protocol in the world. This Blockchain developed by the Algorand foundation is an open-source permissionless Blockchain which uses the ​Pure Proof-of-Stake​ (PPOS) consensus algorithm that is designed to meet the demands for any kind of transaction both on-chain and off-chain. Algorand has created an avenue for users to build on Dapps and improve their projects from anywhere in the world, as it is made open for the participation of all, to make cashless transactions and borderless payments, attainable.
As a result of the useability of the Algorand protocol, another prominent system in the digital space called AIKON has decided to partner with it to drive the global adoption of the Blockchain. Aikon has seen the true benefits of the Algorand Blockchain, so it plans on moving its technologies to the Algorand sophisticated Blockchain as Algorand possess the necessary features and techniques which will help the entire world embrace the decentralized and transparent solution provided by the Blockchain. The Algorand protocol is not just decentralized and transparent, but also has a high transaction throughput which gives it the power to process about a million transactions at a time, with great speed. A quality which is being desired by every system as it will really further advance their operations, more reason for the adoption of the Blockchain. Now, there is a possibility for Dapps built on other chains to be easily migrated to the Algorand Blockchain to get the users enjoy the boons of the Algorand system as well and make its adoption easier. Since the reluctance of most systems in the adoption of the Blockchain is as a result of the complexity in integrating their already existing framework with the Blockchain, Algorand is now very easy and stressless. This partnership with the Algorand system sets the pace for other systems and simplifies the incorporation of the Blockchain into any system.   

The movement and partnership of Aikon with the Algorand system signifies that the Algorand Blockchain is a top-notch system that will enhance the effective performance of the global system. Now through the full adoption of the Blockchain, the world will have all the benefits associated with the use of the Blockchain, at their fingertips. This really sounds easy because with the Algorand Blockchain, it actually is. For more information about Algorand, visit their WEBSITE , TWITTER , TELEGRAM

Gifton Nwokoro, Algorand Ambassador, Delta

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