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Thursday, April 9, 2020

BITCURATE ~ Bring Transparency To The Cryptocurrency Industry And Change The Future

Financial markets have their cycles, typically ranging from years to decade. Arguably the worlds most popular emerging market, the crypto market features much shorter cycles, sometimes only in a matter of months. Starting 2009 and absolutely zero, bitcoin went through and survived a baptism of fire . It was attacked and declared dead hundreds of times, yet each time rose from the ashes and reached new highs, peaking at tens of thousands US dollar in 2017. The Blockchain as an epoch-making technological revolution brings about this exponential growth in crypto markets.

The unprecendented growth and born greed rooted deeply in humanity induced fickle speculation, short-termism, and pump and dumps, which effectively imposes leverage on the entire market and magnifies all price movements. This is largely the reason all cryptos suffer from supreme volatility. it is not uncommmon that large price movements up to ten or hundred folds are observed in the crypto market, for it is still an infant and  highly immature with an ambiguous future in the most peoples eyes. 

The public has not reached consensus for the prospects of consensus-based and cryptography backed universal equivalents. Bitcurate is a predictive data analytics for cryptocurrency that helps better decision making through data-based insights supported by AI and sentiment analysis.We help investors make better decisions and trade profitably with AI predictive signals and sentiment analysis using our proprietary machine learning model and quant finance algorithm. We analyze millions of real-time data points from exchanges, GitHub, social media, news and various blockchains for actionable data-driven insight, today.

Nevertheless, as a professional publicizing, quantitive research, modeling and asset pricing team saw abundant opportunities amid noisy data with conventional research tools, including but not limited to factor analysis and fundamental valuation. Bitcurate had an innovative vision for the bright future, to bring transparency to the cryptocurrency industry and change the future. 
Furthermore, Bitcurate partners with professional funds and will seek to determine the best of them.

And also Bitcurate have Mission to accelerate the transition to the future of money by :
  1. Empowering market participants to make better decisions through transparent and unbiased data
  2. Providing useful and actionable data through our proprietary prediction model and sentiment analysis.
  3. Onboarding non-crypto users with simplicity and ease of use through great user experience design to our ecosystem of products.
  4. Decentralization of access for market participation through blockchain technology.
  5. Partnership with other protocols, technology companies and certified industry players to provide more value to our customers and community.

BITCURATE latest achievements 
Bitcurate is the company has been short-listed for a project initiated by Standard Chartered Ventures Fintech Bridge. The challenge is to build a predictive model to estimate the daily T0 risk-based hypothetical P&L for Standard Chartered banks Financial Markets Product Control & Market Risk teams. SC Ventures, the innovation, ventures and fintech investments unit of Standard Chartered Bank, has created a market-first platform to connect community builders such as start-ups, investors and accelerators to the Bank. SC Ventures Fintech Bridge connects and matches partners from the fintech ecosystem to the Bank's internal community, where they can propose solutions to challenges posted by the Bank's business units or request for investments. Investors can also use the portal to recommend start-ups to the Bank for future collaborations. This simple and fast process means that start-ups can move from initial application to final selection within just three months.

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