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Thursday, April 30, 2020


The crypto world is no doubt because of the many tokens that are counted on coinmarketcap, not to mention the tokens that have not been released on coinmarketcap. Thats means many tokens are released every day, each token that is released does not always use ERC-20 as a platform but sometimes they also use their own Blockchain as a platform, their goals are also different. But basically all tokens are the same, which is creating profit from the sale and purchase of tokens. But this time I will give a solution.

Introducing to the IOI a Cryptocurrency Games
Maybe many of you are bored when playing crypto, because most crypto is only about trading, pump and dump and many more. Now IOI is the solution, IOI is a bridge between trading and gaming, where newcomers in the cryptocurrency community can get up to speed very quickly with crypto trading. We do it with the help of gamification, so users won't get overwhelmed and are still motivated to learn and progress. Users will learn to pick their favorite coins, construct a portfolio, time the market, all of these in an exciting racing game environment in which they can earn money playing an online game. 

With IOI you can get money easily from your playing skill. In the IOI you have the option to exchange cryptographic forms of money, track your portfolio, follow the best performing merchants, and duplicate their exchanges. Dealers may play themselves and contend with each other in 24h long exchanging challenges called races. IOI is a social exchanging stage that interfaces digital currency dealers. Digital currency dealers can get in-tuned and gain from each other, while easygoing crypto merchants pay a membership to duplicate the exchanges of the more talented brokers, who are called racers. 

All clients would be prepared to buy or sell different digital forms of money. IOI will give following prepared to cryptographic money it offers, as famous crypto following applications like Blockfolio and Delta. IOI will use components of gamification to permit the mind boggling universe of crypto exchanging a fun and relatable configuration; a dashing game during which the exhibition of a coin powers the advancement of a race vehicle. Race victors will get focuses that they'll trade for different highlights and abilities on the IOI.

Nothing should be tiring in life, and the exchange of crypto should not be a special case. this is the reason we do gamification every day with races. Regular day exchanges have passed. Every day the exchange will take place in the alleged 24-hour race. Just select your vehicle, burn with your best execution coins which will be used as a GAS and become a race champion. day after day you arrive at new levels, get ratings, and attract new fans who can drive more of your profits. they will duplicate the day you exchange design races and benefit from your success.

IOI Features
IOI has very interesting features, among them are the following :

  • Crypto Portfolio
which means that each user is able to track all the cryptocurrency they like and manage their portfolio accordingly
  • Social Trading 
all users can communicate with other traders and learn together about trading experience
  • Educational potential
each user can learn together if there is something they don't understand, maybe this can improve your skills.
  • Promotion
each user can promote on his own social media in order to increase the level , so if you successfully invite friends using your referral code then you will get a reward

IOI Token Structure
IOI is a token that uses tron ​​as a platform, IOI tokens can be used to buy, upgrade and rent cars on the IOI platform and for every person who gets a referral to IOI will get a reward. 

IOI token details 
The total supply is : 100.000.000
Reward for players : 50.000.000
For sale : 30.000.000
Team and patners : 20.000.000

Truly the best work is a paid hobby, therefore we must continue to learn how we enjoy work so as not to produce a burden on the mind, maybe this is what you need. Playing but not only playing but you get money from the results of playing, besides that you can also improve your game playing skills with IOI. And you can also play with your friends Are you interested in trying IOI? please try it yourself.


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