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Wednesday, July 22, 2020


The emergence of the Blockchain has given rise to a lot of benefits to all the frameworks where it has entered, being a state-of-the art technology, it delivers to users an unforgettable experience, as it enhances the performance of the system.
The Blockchain has numerous features which give it the capability to carry out advanced operations, with ease, unlike the crude technologies being used in different systems today. With all its intriguing features of the Blockchain, it is winning a lot of hearts because countless systems and platforms are already making good use of it, to facilitate better performance and as a result, give more value to their users. Blockchain is irrefutable, a blessing to the world and a huge advantage to every system that is using it, because it sets them apart from every other system, making them superior to those platforms developed with regular technologies. This is the main reason why nearly all the systems are adopting it into their system, while those have not yet adopted it, are already making plans of doing so because they have witnessed a great level of improvement in these systems, and as a result, do not want to miss out any longer, on all the boons of this unique technology, the Blockchain. One of the major industries which can attest to the contributions and benefits of the Blockchain to the global system, is the financial sector. The Blockchain has made it possible for the world to have a chance at borderless transactions that is not limited by government policies, distance or even the amount involved in the transaction. This was created through the development of digital currencies, on the Blockchain, and is in use in a lot of systems, establishments and countries because of how easy it has made payments. It's development has provided systems and establishments with an unrestricted access to wealth, through the reliability which is associated with its integration into a system.
A lot of Dapps in use today, across the diverse sectors of the world, are a product of the Blockchain technology, since it also serves as an efficient tool of development. Let's briefly take a look at a system, which is playing a great role in the development of Blockchain-related applications for the benefits of different systems.

The pocket network is a decentralized system which is tailored towards giving developers unrestricted access to development tools. It makes the development of peer-to-peer apps to me seamless, cost-efficient and profitable to the developers, through the provision of the decentralized APIs, and ensures that great value is given to the users. This system right from its inception, has been making a great contribution to the digital space, by giving developers everything that they require to function effectively.

The Algorand protocol on the other hand, runs as a highly improved Blockchain, which was developed by the Algorand platform, in its quest to help improve the global system, and the Blockchain industry. It is made to be permissionless and open-source, making it possible for anyone to develop on this Blockchain, without necessarily getting permission or approval from anybody or a central authority. The protocol algorithm is scalable in such a way that, when it is embedded into a system, it opens the system up for the possibilities of improvement, if the need arises.
This means that the design of the Algorand is not rigid, and so it is easy for a system using it to be upgraded. Its processing power is unrivaled when it comes to the execution of transactions. So, not minding the amount of transactions that needs to be executed on the Algorand Blockchain at a time, its high transaction throughput has that covered. The speed at which Blocks are generated and transactions are carried out on the Algorand Blockchain is marvelous and is one of the many reasons that makes the Algorand Blockchain to be highly valued and placed in the digital space. It has come to bring improvement into the Blockchain system. Think of what could happen if the Pocket Network is given access to the sophisticated Algorand Blockchain. It also ensures that Blocks are mined without stress or dependence on great mining equipment, so it uses the Pure Proof-of-Stake (PPoS). With this consensus mechanism, block production will be easier and more transparent and with the level of speed it exhibits, transactions take lesser time to execute, as opposed to other Blockchain .Well, we are about to find out because Algorand is being adopted in the Pocket Network.

It has been confirmed that the Algorand Block will play a vital role in the Pocket Network. Algorand will provide the support needed by the Pocket network to function effectively, and give developers a wonderful experience without spending too much or putting up with the inefficiencies of the centralized systems. Combining these two systems well poised in the development of Dapps, will obviously lead to a global revolution.

By adopting the Algorand Blockchain into its system, the developers will be given the full tools to create fully functional and efficient tools for the consumption of the global population. This integration is one of the best things that has happened in the digital space, because it forms a decentralized system of node operations and efficient infrastructure, for the development of Dapps, which in turns makes Dapps creation not just easier, but cheap. Keying into this revolutionary move of incorporating the Algorand Blockchain into the Pocket Network system will indeed boost developers and place them at the top of the chain, in the developing community, as their technological advantages will supersede that of the regular developers.

Since its birth, Algorand has been achieved feats that previously seemed impossible in both the Blockchain industry and the world at large. This is another great milestone reached by Algorand and that can be attributed to its flawless design, numerous benefits and great features, one which cannot be matched by the regular Blockchain.

Tochukwu Emmanuel, Algorand Ambassador

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