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Friday, January 31, 2020


Hello reader, this time I will discuss about gold. I am sure you are familiar with this name, yes gold is a payment instrument in the form of physical objects. Gold has been used since ancient times as a means of payment and may now still be used even though there are other means of payment such as money and much more, because the physical form of gold began to be abandoned and now comes the form of token gold.

About Digital Gold Token
Digital Gold Token is Gold in the form of a token, different from Gold in general in physical form. This gold token is gold that uses ethereum / ERC-20 as its platform. So is it different from gold than in general, it is clearly different in terms of its shape because this Gold token in the form of our Token makes it easier to access and trade gold on an easy and fast scale without having to carry it where to go when you want to sell or buy. It hopes to achieve this by enabling users to purchase coverage in physical gold, via the ERC-20 Ethereum-based GOLD token.

The Price Of Digital Gold Token
The current Price Gold Token now is same with physical gold that is 1 token = 1 gram of gold 99.99 purity this proves that the gold token is the same as physical gold, for more details you can check here the current price real time.

Advantages Using Digital Gold Token 

1 . No Transfer Fees
No transfer fees which means you can send and receive free or no transaction fees, this can allow you to send unlimited Gold without having to worry about transaction fees

2. Low Cost
Low cost which means you get easier services without having to be complicated when you want to save your gold like in a bank which is usually always complicated by expensive fees.

3. Secure
Secure its mean You can store gold safely without fear of losing your gold, because gold always ensures security on its system so that it is not broken or hacked by people who are not responsible, so guaranteed security 24 hours. own security is also guaranteed because the security system used is not haphazard All GOLD tokens are backed by physical gold stored in a secure vault. The gold stored is audited in real-time and can be verified online.
therefore in order to provide maximum service the GOLD token team always tries as hard as possible to create comfort and security in the transaction without excessive obstacles or problems in order to create convenience in transactions.

4. Privacy
Gold Tokens always protect the user's gold privacy from being stolen or protect the privacy of others so they don't know how many assets each user has. to sell and buy simply use the wallet address you have to store your gold token

Digital Gold Token Marketplace 
Now you can buy and sell Gold Token anytime because gold token already list on many exchanges, if you insterested to buy gold you can visit this exchange :

1. Cryptex Exchange
2. Bitforex Exchange
3. Livecoin Echange
4. Catex Exchange

How? Interesting isn't it, what are you waiting for let's leave the old gold payments with gold tokens to make it faster, easier, and efficient.

For more details you can check Gold website :
Mes Details :
Btt username : satria157
Btt Link :;u=2100853;sa=summary

Eth address : 0xB31F80BFA401279cDAC32d199C56494EF2d8fB9c

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