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Saturday, February 8, 2020


Hello readers, back again on my blog. Next time I will discuss INTELLIGENT HERO, so what is Intelligent Hero? is a crypto based to find or find work. Because it's hard to find work that suits our talents, sometimes we have to find something that is not our talent.even many jobs with a minimum of high education, because of that many people are desperate with these criteria

And also for work entry tests usually carried out at the workplace. Then what if many fail? yes obviously there will be a lot of unemployment because of the difficult tests and the high criteria for entering the company. Now Hero's team propose for the blockchain technology to begin to run within sectors like the electoral processes of a select few countries that may accept this technology before the year 2025. Of course with one country accepting it, other countries will follow suit.

Although it is safe to say that one of the achievements of the latest and most popular blockchain technology is the methods and methods used to change the way Smart Heroes view financial institutions, intermediaries, and monetary transactions as a whole.

Today, someone would prefer to use bitcoin and other secure cryptocurrency to make larger transactions, send money (value) throughout the country with little or no cost, to buy goods most often associated with sufficient motivational benefits.

Looking for a Job With INTELLIGENT HERO

Intelligent Hero is a very good project, why? because we can find jobs easily here, Intelligent Hero helps us find jobs that match our expertise and interests. Intelligent Hero creates an intelligent community consisting of elites, professionals and knowledge lovers who are willing to not only prove their competence to the community, but are also willing to share the skills gained in their fields and areas of interest.

Intelligent Hero will be the first community that can authenticate the competence of community members. In order for a user to be verified on the platform, he must go through a series of tests that will be carried out on the platform. This test is available to users through the Smart Heroes team of existing professionals and Heroes.

After a user has gone through these tests, S / he will be verified. The platform will be the first where you can search for jobs or people who are competent enough to handle your project with ease. This is because their search engines are designed to filter out users based on their skills acquired and as well degrees obtained (pending verification by the Intelligent Hero platform).

This is because for anyone to appear on the search results, such a person must have been scrutinized by the platform with a series of tests and examinations to ensure that the individual truly is competent enough to handle projects within that specified niche. You can also visit

Intelligent Hero fixes that gap created by the non-attendance of a university degree in a certain field and gives the user a form of attestation showing that he has been tested by the platform, and is now trusted. For the better part of it, members can include but are not limited to; researchers, students, videographers, cinematographers, teachers, animators, traders, lawyers and legal personnel, marketers, doctors, and medical practitioners, etc. the list is limitless. So whats next? Become Intelligent Hero members now and get more benefits you can have !!

For more details you can check Intelligent Hero website :
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